About us

Manini & Co. Holding A/S


Standing on the shoulders of members of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and manufacturers, Manini & Co. Holding A/S was founded by Niels Poulsen in the year 2000 with the sole focus and the company’s raison d’être to do:


Do you consider selling your business, finding a partner for a specific project, or do you have a splendid business idea?

Please contact me for further elaboration and discussion about opportunites. We are always interested in investing time and/or ressources in relevant businesses where we can add value.

How do we create and add value?

      • Through active ownership
      • Common business sense
      • New market development
      • Realisation of growth potential
      • Strategic analysis, planning and execution
      • Hands-on turn around/change management
      • We bring direction, leadership, and a lot of enthusiasm.

What sectors are relevant?


      • Mature companies with a proven technology/business model in a traditional industry.
      • This could be in sectors like: medical devises, machinery, offshore supplier, greentech, cleantech, technologically advanced manufacturing, precision instruments, etc.
      • Narrow focus and customer base, location, size, performance, and types of challenges are of less importance if the due diligence shows the right potential.

Real estate

      • Green field projects in Copenhagen or Berlin
      • Conversion projects turning a commercial building into residential use
      • Prime location

Investment portfolio

      • Investments to support/expand/develop exisitng portfolio of companies
      • Investments in unlisted companies where value can be added from an active board member position

Is risk important?

Always. We are risk adverse people in the sense that entering into a high risk business must be reflected in a low entry price, but an underperforming business may be just as interesting for us as a financially well-performing enterprise.

Who is important!

All good things in life just become even better when you team up with the right people. When doing business it is paramount for us, that we are surrounded by well-experienced, capable tradesmen and technical people, and one of our strengths is that we are good at setting the right team. All our investments are made together with good people that hold similar values, and where we have a good chemistry between us.



Organizational structure

Manini & Co. Holding A/S is owned by Niels Poulsen, and it is through this company that I invest time and effort into the three focus areas:

Real estate
Investment portfolio

I never had the ambition to own the whole world as size does not matter, however, I always strive to work with the very best people whether it is as partners, employees, consultants, advisors, buyers/sellers. Over the years, I have developed my network extensively, and I am fairly confident that I can gather the right people to tackle most business tasks and challenges successfully. We are good at finding the right people for the right job and then establish long-term partnering. In industry that means e.g. getting the right group of investors together, where each can participate with his/her particular skills and experiences, and not least getting involved ourselves into the active work of creating and adding value. In the real estate projects, success is often determined at an early stage by the selection of partners e.g. technical managers, architects, engineers, investors/financial consultants, etc. Whichever the group, I always get personally involved, simply because I cannot do without active participation.





Manini & Co. Holding A/S currently holds two active, investments in industry:

FINTEK A/S is a strategic supplier in the metal machining industry to global OEM manufacturers whose requirements for tolerance and quality are very high.

FINTEK A/S is growing and currently has more than 50 active clients from industries such as Marine and Offshore, Green Tech, Food, and Medical. We develop, manufacture and distribute high-percision, critical components with a focus on:

    • Unique, high-quality products
    • Innovative components and solutions
    • Highest possible customer value
    • Highest reproducibility at the lowest possible cost
    • Zero errors in all processes

FINTEK A/S was founded in 1972 and as such has more than 40 years of experience in fine component manufacturing, including turning, milling, grinding, EDM, superfinishing, etc. We are based in Vallensbaek, Copenhagen and have a production site of about 4,000 m².

FINTEK A/S typically establishes strategic alliances with partners who have many of the characteristics listed below:

    • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
    • Top 5 in their industry (alternatively, recently entered the industry through innovation)
    • Differentiated through quality, innovation and reliability
    • Balanced (50/50) earnings from new sales and after-sales services (parts, servicing, etc.)
    • Equipment with life expectancy of 20+ years
    • Has a demand of approx. 5-10 critical components per appliance/machine, and both well-defined and specific – we manufacture and supply only vital, critical components
    • Typically allows us to be involved early on in the R&D process to help with manufacturing preparedness, materials, etc.
    • Interested in components that typically make up a very low proportion of a machine’s total cost (typically 1 to 5%), but are crucial to the machine’s overall quality
    • Has a clear need for reliable deliveries, capable partners, and precision
    • A demand occurs every 10 to 5,000 units, with fluctuating consumption over the year
    • Needs a loyal partner who will collaborate with them confidentially

For further information see FINTEK A/S’s home page: www.fintek.com


SCADA International A/S is a solution driven company that offers consulting, engineering and project solutions, as well as the execution of SCADA systems within the renewable energy sector.

SCADA International A/S was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs with extensive experience within the renewable energy sector and with developing SCADA solutions. With the highly skilled group of SCADA enthusiasts within SCADA International A/S, new areas within the solution portfolio were added such as production of control cabinets in 2007, and the in-house development of new SCADA solutions in 2008.

The expansion of the company was stretched further to also include a new branch office in Germany. New products were developed: OneView® solution system and the SCADA OneView® Energy Control Unit solution.

At the beginning of 2011 SCADA International established a branch office in Oregon, Portland. In Denmark efforts were put into an extensive QHSE system and implemented with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications, and a software development team was established in the Ukraine.

In 2012 when the number of employees reached more than 60, Human Resource processes like Employee Development Dialogues and an Employee Satisfaction Survey were implemented. Also new company certificates were achieved; GL Renewable Certification and an award as Power Plant Controller. A branch office in Wroclaw, Poland was a reality and dedicated to fulfill one of the SCADA International A/S strategies of being “In the region for the region”.

Since 2013 SCADA International A/S has established a new branch office in England, and the US, and delivered its first SCADA OneView® Direktvermarktung solution, and established a Service & Maintenance unit to meet customer requirements in this segment.

For further information see SCADA International A/S’s home page: www.scada-international.com


Real Estate


Real Estate

Manini & Co. Holding A/S has over the years developed real estate projects in Copenhagen, Berlin, and Nice. We have experience in developing residential as well as commercial, hotel, and high-street retail properties.

Prime location real estate development

Together with higly competent partners, we are currently looking for projects to:

    • Develop prime location properties in Copenhagen with a focus on projects of at least 1.000 sqm.
    • Pevelop green field projects as well as conversion of exisiting (commercial) buildings with our main focus in the residential market with some commercial development (excluding domicile properties, office buildings, and single purpose properties).

Our strengths are with-in:

An experienced fund team with proven track record

        • Competent and experienced management with well-documented historical performance.
        • Partnership with strong and well known advisors.
        • Documented ability to execute projects and create returns (within the last year, five completed/
ongoing conversion projects with prime location in Copenhagen city with profits of app. 35-40% and IRR of app. 60-70%.

Unique strategy – controllable risk with high returns

        • Limited amount of competitive asset managers with capital and needed competences.
        • Limited construction risk (turnkey based contractor).
        • Attractive development profit due to management competences to maximize value 
of each real estate asset.

An attractive market situation and outlook

        • Low risk economy with strong government finances, low unemployment rate and stable inflation.
        • Continuing urbanization towards Copenhagen. Expected nominal growth of 120,000 new residents in Copenhagen the next 10 years reflecting a need of app. 55,000 new residential homes.
        • Continuing strong institutional interest in large residential assets, due to the under- lying factors (stable economy, urbanization and attractive risk / return profile)

We have established a sequential work process in order to optimize the use of resources together with the advisors. The model is modified and tailor-made to suit each project.

Work objectives:

    • Secure project and accept terms with owner(s)
    • Establish business case around the project and clarify potential deal breakers
        • Architectural project and layout
        • Verify business plan/sales value
        • Verify construction costs
        • Legal/public restrictions
    • Debt raised through banks and mortgage institutions
    • Equity from trusted financial partners
    • Finalize package and negotiate potential due diligence findings
    • Forward sale of the apartments
    • Facilitate construction process
    • Sale of potential remaining apartments


Promenade Residence GmbH

In a partnership with the local and well-renowned construction company, KondorWessels GmbH, we have developed a high-end, absolutely prime located residential building on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

The building consists of 76 luxury apartments for rental and as condominiums. The architects, Hilmer, Sattler und Albrecht, have outdone themselves in reaching a seldom-seen luxury and well-functioning residence for people with high requirements:

    • ”The Charleston” – A theme property with a high level of indulgence, a 24-hour doorman service, and direct access at ground level to one of the leading spa/wellness/fitness centers.
    • Top Berlin Location – And ”a home to come home to”.
    • Awe-Inspiring – There’s no other way to describe the story of Potsdamer Platz, which developed from a humble dirt track into Europe’s most prominent road junction. For many years it was a no-man’s-land, but is now once again a buzzing hub of activity.
    • Cosmopolitan – This is a place that epitomises city life with its railway stations, office blocks, cinemas, theatres, hotels and restaurants.
    • Bustling – Potsdamer Platz has almost always been bustling with activity – as a traffic hub, Berlin’s financial district and a top location for leisure activities.
    • Exciting – There’s no better word to describe life at Potsdamer Platz, the heart of the roaring Twenties. It’s a decade that’s making a comeback – ”The Charleston”.


Investment portfolio


Investment Portfolio

Manini & Co. Holding A/S holds a diversified palet of investments in small- and medium-sized companies through Executive Capital A/S:

    • Ice cream retailers/franchise of ecological ice cream concept strongly branded in Denmark



    • Electronic controls and scada systems for wind turbines and other related applications



    • Precision tooling and manufacturing of critical components for leading OEM’s in the offshore, medico, defense, and machinery industry



    • Quantity surveillance, soil surveys, and environmental studies



    • Private hospital and temp-service for the health care industry



    • Temp-service for the health care industry



    • Lifting equipment for personal use in private homes, hospitals, elderly homes, etc.



Niels Poulsen & Sønner A/S is all about hands-on work, direct sparring and contact, feet on the ground, and getting the job done.

    • Do you have a brilliant idea for a start-up?
    • Have you developed a devise that will move the industry?
    • Is your concept a game changer? or
    • Do you need a competent partner and board member that can improve your current business?

In developing the business from a strategic point of view, the tasks and sequel could typically be:

    • Defining the core business
    • Understanding and communicating the mission, vision and values in the company
    • Refining the Value Proposition
    • Structuring the organisation and management
    • Setting the winning strategy and objectives
    • Shaping the business model
    • Supporting the overall strategy with a break down into functional/business unit strategies
    • Plan of execution
    • Business processes (re-engineering)
    • Establish supporting business systems and structures
    • Market strategic execution including market expansions (external and internal), internationalisation, organic growth objectives
    • Acquisitions, mergers, exit

You are welcome to contact me for further talks.




Our vision

We see our vision as the statement that best describes our intent and faith of what we will become. It is the pinnacle of everything we do, the strategies we follow, and the values that we are committed to.

We are committed on a long-term basis to achieve and deliver in all aspects of our business

Sustainable High Quality


We think of quality as the totality of features, characteristics, and augmented qualities/emotions given to the products and services by the user and its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. High quality is merely a matter of being distinct and ambitious in the definition of needs.


Our mission

Our company’s mission statement is intended to be a summation of all our essential company values and attitudes. All our actions must be measured against this statement.


 Manini & Co. Holding A/S strive to achieve success in co-operation with the best partners for each specific project

through active participation, intelligent ideas and solutions, thorough preparation, uncompromised high quality, the pursuit of happiness, and a strong dedication to what we do



What we do and how we do it

Our way of thinking and evolving is highly influenced by the Scandinavian traditions and culture. We are proud of this influence of the traditional Scandinavian values of feminine thinking, equality between people, high morals, minimalistic needs and expectations to life, subtleness, and the notion of “less is more”. These values must be reflected in our projects in order for us to feel compassionate.

We strongly believe that the more people trade and exchange, the more likely they are to love each other. And the world is a lovable place.

All the essential values are based on the understanding and expectations of behaviour amongst ourselves and in the interactions with our customers and other business relationships.

We are not afraid to provoke and challenge artificial and shallow correctness, and it is not our goal to please people – should we unintentionally happen to please people, then so be it!


Semper Idem

Always the same. Consistency. We are not a trend-driven company. If we are trendy, it is because of the natural fluctuations in the market place. Our company’s foundation, the high level of service we provide, and the fact that you can count on us, is unchanged.


Uncompromised high quality

Consistency and devotion to high quality is essential in absolutely all projects, services, design, products, communication, etc. and as such Quality is an attitude for life, where the particular can live without, but never live with less and where the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.


Money does not matter

Concentrate on living a decent life instead – strive for happiness, love thy neighbour, and live in a manner where your health is strengthened. Harmony with nature is a good investment. Be ambitious – and do not destroy others’ opportunities.

When setting your goals in life consider the validity and content of striving for money. Money is merely a means and does not even come close to an end – and it certainly does not justify the goal.


Happiness and love

Everyone ought to have the ambition of pursuing happiness on a daily basis. If you are happy, you can be more for your fellow beings. Love and be loved.

We aim at building love and happiness into every service we provide and every product we bring to life.

Above all is love.

Manini & Co. Holding A/S is a happiness-based company.

Where others will claim that the overall driving value of their company is its ability to constantly increase its financial value, we are driven by an overall value of creating happiness in what we do and with the people we do it.

The overall goal in life is the happiness in the pursuit of happiness .… defined as the unselfish happiness:




          Happiness (H) is a direct function of the Love (L) you give and receive, the level of Health (HE) (physical and mental), the Success (S) you create for others and yourselves, the degree of Peace and Stability (St) in your lives, your need for freedom expressed through the Passion of Opportunity (PO), and the Ability to Position Yourself (AP) over time.

Importantly, Power and Money do not appear in the equation as they are insignificant, or at best, very short-lived parameters in the contribution to Happiness.

For mathematical and individual accuracy, the parameters can be stated as weighted averages based on each individual’s preferences, genetics, upbringing, culture, geography, etc., and, moreover, the equilibrium can change to reflect the dynamics of time.


          Love (L) must be defined in a very wide and deep setting/understanding. But mostly it should be the sincere, unselfish, and heartfelt passion for others and yourselves.

It is just simply the wonderful feeling of liking yourself and others – doing things for and with others in the reflection of love. Love is above everything.


          Health (He) is a strange parameter in this context as we tend to neglect the value of “good health” particularly when we are young and vital! Good health becomes the norm. But then you can get unlucky and run into “poor health”, but you never seem to accidently run into “above-normal, excellent health”. We, however, are not only blessed with excellent health, we are also living in a part of the world where medical treatment is within arms and where it is recognized that it is society’s obligation to take care of all and every citizen. This matter is too important to force people to make their own decisions! Higher taxes and treatment to all, is where the notion of Love comes into politics. Good health does not neccesarily bring you more happiness, but bad health certainly diminishes your ability to laugh.


          Success (S) is something that so many people mistakenly mix with money, but money does not matter in the pursuit of happiness.

Success is when you have defined a desired outcome and achieved it by making an active effort.

This may be linked to the notion of winning, but aware that winning is not the same as having success, particularly not in the long run. A “sore loser” is really just an idiot, who looks and acts in a fashion so as to lose people’s respect, but a “sore winner” is even worse, as he loses the momentum for his next success.

We think it is important that one, in the moment of victory, is aware of the factors that can contribute to success in order to enhance them, and if a group effort led to an individual’s victory, make sure that the success is felt among the whole group (and similarly avoid patronizing the group by trying to share something that may not be a group effort).

Success may very often be about helping others to their victories.


          Stability (St) is not a factor that is weighted very high to someone, living in a stable society without major interior or exterior threats. Furthermore, we are free spirits and entrepreneurs that find stability in development and change. We think Stability is somewhat similar to the Health, that if you have it, you do not appreciate it enough, but if you do not have it, it could mean the world to you. Certainly long term instability will destroy an amount of Happiness.


          Passion of Opportunity (PO) is one that ranks very high with us. People in captivity may not exactly be happy and certainly their Passion of opportunity will be hindered in its development for a while. However, to us that Passion is also linked to the way we conduct our business. We really enjoy the huge amount of freedom we have decided to have regarding what, how, when, where, and with whom we do projects and the type of projects we do. This makes our Passion of Opportunity live without us becoming opportunistic in a negative sense.

Freedom of choice is a good thing.

It is not so much doing different things, as it is the mere opportunity to do different things that makes us thrive.


          Ability to Position Yourself (AP) is to us the right way of looking at luck. We are not believers in luck per se. People who claim to always be unlucky – “I never win anything” – are most often right, but it is not necessarily due to lack of luck. The reason they never win or get an unexpected break, could very well be that they lack the ability to position themselves correctly or optimally. If the opportunity comes flying by, you need to be within reach of it and ready to grab a firm hold! It helps to be well-prepared and try to always make the better of choices.




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